The Great Resignation Highlights The Importance of Retention in Education


The modern workplace is experiencing one of the most radical shifts of the century.


The pandemic’s impact on employment and worker operations, while initially devastating and disorienting, has highlighted a new wealth of opportunity. Employees no longer feel they have to settle for whatever job they can find.


As a result, a wave of employees left their jobs. The “great resignation” left many employers scrambling, and it doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon


This is as true for education as it is for any other industry. Retention has become absolutely vital to keeping your institution running smoothly.



Why the Great Resignation Matters in Education

Education is a particularly nuanced industry. Not only do you need to have skilled workers performing the primary functions of your organization, but you also likely need professionals helping secure funding.


Without a diverse and knowledgeable range of employees, educational organizations break down. 


Losing a grant writer may mean funding cuts, making it harder for you to make progress towards your institution’s primary goals. 


Losing teachers, administrative staff, or public workers makes your organization less effective, making it harder to acquire funding in the future and holding you back from making an impact in the educational system.


You’re in a tricky situation, one in which every skilled employee plays a critical role in your success.


The Retention Struggle in Education

With the flood of new job opportunities brought on with remote work and the increasing prevalence of employees leaving to work for themselves, educational organizations are losing their top performers.


Many employees leave for monetary reasons. They believe they can make more money in a different avenue, so they decide to pursue other career paths.


Others leave for more ideological reasons. They may feel they could make a bigger impact at a different organization. They may even have ambitions to start their own non-profit, seeing this as a chance to make a greater impact.


These things are happening rapidly. Employees are leaving in droves, meaning you need to be prepared immediately if you are going to succeed in this market.


You need to pay special attention to your retention strategies and keep your eyes on hiring for retention. 



While this post highlights the issues facing the education industry, there is hope. Like all major changes, the great resignation ushers in an array of new opportunities your organization can use to its advantage.


But you need to act fast.


If you have experienced employee losses, or are simply interested in pulling from the increasingly available pool of talented workers on the market, having the right approach is crucial. 


Stronger Consulting’s search and recruitment services help you discover and attract the talent you need to keep your organization thriving. These services help you speed up the process so you can make the most of the current market before things shift.


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