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Consultants Help Education Leaders​

How Management Consultants Help Education Leaders​

When Should Education Leaders work with Management Consultants and Recruiting Firms? Can I afford it? Are there better options?

Who Uses Stronger?

Committed leaders who are DOERS! You have significant responsibilities and are working to bring change for children in your cities and community through your leadership, team, and programs. You are innovative, have goals in mind, and recognize that targeted support can make the journey more successful and less complicated at the right time.

Charter School CEOs, Superintendents, and Chiefs

Non-Profit Executive Directors and Senior Leadership Team Members

Human Capital and Talent Directors

Get In Touch

The best way to discover if Stronger is a fit for you is to schedule a call with us. We can discuss your strengths and the opportunity areas you see for yourself and your organization.

Meet the Team

Learn more about our leadership and those behind the curtain that bring our work with you to life.

Our Process

We believe expert support should not be intimidating. We strive to be accessible to all levels of leaders working to improve children’s educational and life outcomes.

Opportunity Phone Call

Opportunity Phone Call

During this initial call, we hope to understand who you are and what you’re passionate about. We’ll listen to you speak to the challenges you are facing and discuss what we see as an opportunity in a partnership with you.

Clarity and Scope Development

Clarity and Scope Development

We get clarity about you and the problem you need to address and outline an approach to working together. We’ll draft a proposal for our work within the budget and timeline you set.

Planning and Implementation

Planning and Implementation

After you accept our proposal and we make refinements and agreements, we’ll move towards implementation on a feasible timeline for you and your team.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

Many of our engagements evolve as the work we set out to accomplish is completed. We’ll stay by your side and support you in taking advantage of ongoing opportunities.


Every engagement is unique, and we will plan and staff our work with you to meet critical deadlines.

Engagement Project

Many of our engagements begin as short-term projects with clear timelines and deliverables. We believe this focused, outcomes-driven way of working allows us to add precise and measurable value to you and your organization.


All of our partner clients have evolving needs. As an engagement draws to a close, we’ll work with you to determine what work can be tackled next and on what timeline. This may be immediately or several months down the road. As we get to know you and your team, we’ll become more effective and efficient in our efforts to support your progress.

as Partners

You’ll notice that we talk about Partnership. We truly see ourselves as extensions of your essential work and want you to be successful. Our impact on the lives of children is through our work with you as a Partner. We take your success seriously and bring our best selves to every engagement.

Who You’ll Work With

You won’t work with a faceless team of consultants. You’ll get mentors with decades of experience who lead by example.

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team has come together to advance your work and support your success. We believe in opportunity for all children.

Our Specialized Consultants

The depth and breadthh of knowledge and experience necessary to make real change happen are enormous. We are proud to leverage our network of experts to bring the rigsupportrt to the table.

Our Staff

Every organization relies on its core team to build a healthy culture and ensure the trains run on time. Our lean and mean team models balance, commitment, and excellence in their daily work.

Do You Have Any of These Challenges?

As organizations change to meet new challenges, it’s common for leaders to struggle to assign the proper work to the right people. Not only do you need to figure out the strongest pathway forward, but you also have to achieve success within the constraints of your team. As former organizational leaders, we know this struggle and can serve as your thought partner to find clear pathways and assign and support work across your team.

Building teams can be the most rewarding work a leader can take on. It’s also challenging and fun if you have access to the right folks as you make every hiring decision. This includes a diverse, motivated, and highly competent candidate pool and experienced advisors to support you as you make selection decisions confidently. We do this professionally, and we love it, so let us help you as you build a fantastic team.

We lead with our core values of optimism and empathy: optimism for bringing about a more positive reality for children today and in the future and compassion for our clients working to make this vision a reality.

It’s rarely fun to drive around with no clear plan to make the journey successful. We believe organizations need signs and maps, so leaders and stakeholders know where they are now and where they are going. Signs are how we know where we are; Maps are how we know where we are going. The process of scaling and growing is always full of potholes, but we can help smooth the path by mapping your journey and setting measurable milestones that indicate your progress towards your goals.

Stronger Consulting was specifically founded with a mission to advance opportunities for young people of color and prides itself on its placement of leaders of color with organizations that have taken a stance that all children deserve the opportunity to receive a high-quality education in a safe and supportive environment. Furthermore, we are working to support leaders and organizations with missions that align with ours and who are innovative, passionate, and working with a sense of urgency to create a positive reality today and in the near future. Our impact on the world is through the leaders and the organizations that we partner with.

Leadership takes place at every level of an organization, and obstacles are everywhere too. Managing up, over, and across an organization takes real skill, and we may feel unprepared and lack confidence in our ability to tackle the challenges we face. Leveraging external knowledge, skills and abilities can be the right boost we all need from time to time to overcome the barriers to success in our work.