Nonprofit Fundraising Challenges in 2023

Education and social impact non-profit fundraising has always been a challenge, but in 2023, it has become even more complex due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Despite the immense need for educational support, many non-profit organizations are facing a decline in funding, which has forced them to be creative and adapt to new fundraising strategies.

Here is the short list of  the top challenges faced by education non-profit organizations in 2023 and how they might be overcome:

1. Decreased Donor Pool

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, with many individuals and organizations facing financial hardship. This has resulted in a decline in the number of people who are able to donate to non-profit organizations.


To overcome this challenge, non-profit organizations need to focus on retaining their current donor base and finding new donors who are passionate about their cause. This can be achieved through targeted outreach and social media campaigns that highlight the importance of education and the impact of their work. Additionally, non-profit organizations can leverage technology, such as virtual events and online fundraising platforms, to reach a wider audience.

Donor stewardship is key to this goal. Stronger’s Associate Partner of Consulting, Mona Duffus, discusses the five stages of donor cultivation in this video:

2. Competition for Funds

With the increased need for support in many areas, non-profit organizations are facing increased competition for limited funds.


Non-profit organizations need to differentiate themselves and communicate the unique value they bring to the table. They can do this by focusing on their niche area and showcasing the impact they have made in the past. Additionally, they can build partnerships with other organizations, foundations, and corporations to increase their visibility and reach.


3. Shift in Donor Priorities

The pandemic shifted the priorities of some donors, with many focusing on immediate needs such as healthcare and food security. In the post-pandemic world, those priorities may not have shifted back.


Non-profit organizations need to educate their donors on the long-term impact of education and how it plays a critical role in addressing other societal issues. They can also highlight the immediate impact they are making, such as providing resources for remote learning and supporting students who have been impacted by the pandemic.

4. Virtual Fatigue

With many virtual events and campaigns taking place, donors may be experiencing virtual fatigue and may be less likely to participate in online fundraising efforts. During the pandemic, we all spent two-plus years at home, in virtual meetings, and in online learning after all!


Non-profit organizations need to be creative in their approach and find ways to make their virtual campaigns engaging and interactive. They can also consider combining virtual events with in-person events to provide a more comprehensive experience for their donors. While more established and older donors might prefer an annual Gala, young professionals might be more engaged in a happy hour. Knowing your donor base is extremely important in selecting the ways you engage them. Want to know where to find younger donors? Mona Duffus begins the video below by answering that question (hint: social media).

5. Lack of Personal Connection

Virtual fundraising can make it difficult for non-profit organizations to establish personal connections with their donors.


Non-profit organizations can make an effort to personalize their virtual campaigns and reach out to their donors on a one-on-one basis. This can include virtual thank you events, personalized emails, and video messages. They can also involve their beneficiaries, such as students and teachers, in their campaigns to give their donors a glimpse into the impact their donations are making.


Education non-profit organizations face many challenges in 2023 when it comes to fundraising. However, by being creative, leveraging technology, and building personal connections with donors, they can overcome these challenges and continue to provide critical support to students and educators.

Is your organization facing fundraising challenges this year? Stronger’s team of experts can equip you with an understanding of your nonprofit’s strengths and opportunities, fully capitalizing on your fundraising potential so that you can make a more significant impact in your community. Take the first step: let’s chat

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