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Our Executive-Level Stronger Consulting Team

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Stronger Consulting is a mission-driven, education consulting firm. We believe all kids deserve the opportunity to pursue their own version of happiness and prosperity. We partner with K-16 school systems and education non-profit organizations to design and achieve remarkable educational experiences for young people. We are a LatinX-owned company and serve a national client base, specializing in building diverse talent pipelines to build extraordinary teams and supporting organizations working to ensure equitable opportunities for traditionally underserved children and families.

Mike Montoya

Founder & CEO

Yinnie Tse

Chief Operations & Finance Officer

Stronger Consulting Team

Mike Montoya 03
Mike Montoya

Founder & CEO

Denice Jensen
Denise Jensen

Partner & Lead Operating Officer

Ron Rapatalo
Ron Rapatalo

Associate Partner, Business Development & Client Relationships

Kristin Levine
Kristin Levine

Director, Academic Services

Lisa Fox 01
Lisa Fox

Senior Search Consultant

Brian Johnson, Associate Director
Brian Johnson

Consultant, Special Projects

Ann Marquez, Executive Operation Manager
Ann Marquez

Executive Operations Manager

Kassidi Wynter, Associate, Business Development
Kassidi Wynter

Associate, Business Development

Jade Thornton, Senior Search Consultant
Jade Thornton

Senior Search Consultant

Jodie Semp-Blaskey, Senior Consultant, Strategy
Jodie Semp-Blaskey

Senior Consultant, Strategy

David Martinez 01
David Martinez

Consultant, Search and Strategy

Dennis Scott, Search Consultant
Dennis Scott

Search Consultant

Nick Atkins, Search Consultant
Nick Atkins

Search Consultant

Olivia James, Search Consultant
Olivia James

Search Consultant