Eliminate Bias from Your Hiring Process

When starting the search and recruiting process, finding the best candidate for your organization is key. By ensuring you have a bias-free process, you are able to fairly review all candidates and find the top skills and qualities that fit your needs.

1) Rework Your Job Descriptions

Research shows that masculine language, including adjectives like “competitive” and “determined”, results in women perceiving that they would not belong in the work environment.” On the other hand, words like “collaborative” and “cooperative,” tend to draw more women than men. – Stronger Consulting can help you build role descriptions that attract the talent your organization is looking for.

2) Go Blind For the Resume Review

Next, you need to level the playing field by ensuring you are focused on your candidate’s specific qualifications and talents, not surface demographic characteristics. A blind, systematic process for reviewing applications and resumes will help you improve your chances of including the most relevant candidates in your interview pool, including uncovering some hidden gems. – Our team consists of expert recruiters and tech systems that make blind resume reviews the norm.

3) Standardize Interviews

Research shows that unstructured interviews — which lack defined questions and whereby a candidate’s experience and expertise are meant to unfold organically through conversation — are often unreliable for predicting job success. On the other hand, structured interviews, whereby each candidate is asked the same set of defined questions, “standardize the interview process” and “minimize bias” by allowing employers to focus on the factors that have a direct impact on performance. – Stronger Consulting custom builds structured interview protocols for you for each stage of the process.

4) Set Diversity Goals

A growing body of research suggests that diversity in the workforce results in significant business advantages. It is recommended that at the end of every hiring process, leaders track how well they’ve done against the diversity goals they set out to achieve. This also encourages those involved in the hiring and in other parts of the company to keep diversity and equality top of mind. – We can help you establish appropriate diversity goals for your team and organization as a whole.

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