Case Study: Stronger Consulting and Making Waves Foundation’s New Chief of Finance and Strategy 

Partner: The Making Waves Foundation

Services: Search and Recruiting

Location: Richmond, California

The Launch

Established in 1989, Making Waves Foundation began as an after-school program for tutoring students. In the following years, that program has become Making Waves Academy. This tuition-free public charter school provides a holistic and conscientious education, and Making Waves Foundation, a non-traditional NPO with a unique approach to continued education and supporting students through college.

Based in Richmond, California, Making Waves has spent the last 30 years helping students in need get the education they deserve. With one-on-one tutoring sessions, college success programs, and need-based scholarships, Making Waves is committed to making education accessible.

The Challenge

Making-Waves reached out to Stronger Consulting because they needed to fill their Chief of Finance and Strategy position. Rather than sifting through endless, usually unqualified, applications, they reached out to Stronger for the chance to find the right candidate.

The Engagement 

After discussing their needs and qualifications necessary for the position, we provided Making-Waves with a list of viable candidates – all with the proper qualifications. Using our recruitment services, Making-Waves could choose from a hand-selected list of candidates that catered to their needs. We intended to provide them with candidates that would do more than fill board seats; we wanted to find an individual who cared about the mission.

Thankfully, once we had a complete understanding of the kind of person that Making-Waves needed, we used the list of viable candidates to put them in contact with individuals that were right for the job. 

The Result

Stronger Consulting provided Making-Waves with an individual who cared about the mission and was qualified and ready to work. By working closely with their team, we could understand what kind of person they were looking for and, more importantly, the type of individuals that didn’t fit. Before they reached out to us, Making Waves was in hiring purgatory. The candidates they’d reviewed just didn’t fit the bill, and hiring for such a high-level position requires a considerable amount of FaceTime with potential hires, so they were thankful for the chance to allow us to find the candidate ourselves. 

The result is that the Making Waves Foundation not only has a leading Chief of Finance and Strategy, but they now know where to find any other board seats that might need to be filled in the future.

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