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Naressa Podcasts

-1619 Project

-This American Life (Favorite Episodes: The Problem We All Live With, Harper High School) 

-Serial (All seasons!!!)



-Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson (YES)

-Lil Nas X, “Montero” 

-Beyonce – Everything!!! 

Kelley -Soul (movie) 

-Dance Dreams – Hot Chocolate Nutcracker (Debbie Allen documentary)

-Nice White Parents (Serial)

-Boom: Lawyered (podcast)

Shadow of the Wind

Invisible Man

The Kite Runner


-Earth Wind and Fire

-Leon Bridges

-Elton John

Fernando – Knives out (movie)

– Only Murders in the Building (Hulu)

– Democracy Now

– Serial (first season so far)

The Song of Achilles – Coldplay

– Lil Nas X

– Bad Bunny

– Maluma

– Red Hot Chili Peppers

Luis Build for Change

Nice White Parents

8 Black Hands

Rabbit Hole

The EPW Podcast

Hello Monday

99% Invisible

Four Thousand Weeks – O Burkeman

Greenlights – M McConaughey

12 Rules for Life – J Peterson

Think Again – A Grant

Caste – I Wilkerson

William Onyearbor

Gregory Alan Isakov

The American Analog Set

Digital Underground

Ella Fitzgerald

Buena Vista Social Club

Thelonious Monk


Mike – Life in a year (movie)

– How they built it

– Serial (All seasons!!!)

The Surrender Experiment

Four Agreements

Key Management Models

– Coldplay

– Brooks and Dunn


– Sam Smith

Jun Jun NPR (podcast)

Three Identical Strangers (documentary)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (movie)

Robinhood Snacks (newsletter)

Ender’s Game (book)

A-Wall, “Loverboy”

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Program Consulting

In partnership with the Broad Center, Stronger Consulting created a suite of personalized toolkits designed to support new chiefs across different functional areas to enter their new roles effectively and efficiently.  The tool kits included personal development support, entry planning support and advice from CEOs and district leaders.

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Program Consulting

New Schools Venture Fund For the New Schools Venture Fund, Stronger Consulting developed a network and relationships to find educational entrepreneurs interested in becoming new school founders. Stronger Consulting led the outreach campaign including marketing support, pitch calls, and webinars to engage audiences to learn about the Innovative Public School Leaders program. This campaign generated 130 new individual leads, 160 institutional contacts and led to more than 40 applications for innovative school leaders. The Innovative Public Schools program currently has 82 new school ventures underway.

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Program Consulting

Emerge Resilient is a life coaching program designed by Stronger Consulting to support young adults in building a set of life skills and learning how to adapt to be more resilient, and stretch in new ways.  Through this program, which includes horse therapy, participants are equipped to meet young adult life outcomes and grow into functional adults.

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Program Consulting

Stronger Consulting led the model development for Transcend’s “Yellow Hats League,” a network designed to bring together a diverse community of world-class experts who build and spread innovative models of education. From idea conception through execution, we designed the partnership model, developed partnerships with potential clients and service providers, and created a sustainable system to assess and retain partners.

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Program Consulting

In partnership with UC San Diego, Stronger Consulting led program development and fundraising for the PATHS Scholars Program to increase the number, persistence, and success of under-resourced and underrepresented minority students in STEM.

With the Center For Research On Educational Equity, Assessment & Teaching Excellence (CREATE) at UC San Diego, Stronger Consulting developed programing, protocols and relationships with industry corporate partners to provide internships and career development for young people who have limited access to these opportunities.  The internship program creates pathways for young people to become connected to the private industry in high school and college and gain exposure to new careers and career pathways.  

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Management Consulting


With Brick Education Network, Stronger Consulting tackled three key areas critical to organizational success and sustainability.  By developing a strategic growth plan, consulting on strategic fund development, and constructing a compensation study and total compensation plan, our consultants prepared Brick for the next phase of growth. 

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Management Consulting

At a critical moment of organizational reflection, Stronger Consulting led a CEO and board-level working session which included strategic direction discussions ultimately leading to the next phase of growth for Green Dot Public Schools.  

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Management Consulting

Through a multi-year partnership, Stronger Consulting led strategic fund development including identifying new leads, producing pitch materials, applying for mission-critical grants and establishing a bank for future outreach all resulting in raising 20% of KIPP San Diego’s annual budget.  Stronger Consulting was also a key thought partner in the merger decision of KIPP San Diego and KIPP LA.  

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Search & Recruiting

For College Track Colorado, Stronger Consulting filled multiple roles including a critical Site Director role which needed highly-qualified candidates in a short timeframe.  By creating an extended application to assess candidate skills and experience and conducting thorough screenings that probed for effectiveness and depth in previous roles, College Track was excited and relieved to find a solid candidate match. 

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Seach & Recruiting

In partnership with Equitas Schools, Stronger consulting led the search, interviews, and placement process for three key roles including Chief of Staff, Founding School Principal, and Chief Development officer.

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Program Consulting

Lifting Our Stories is a newly created organization designed to help young people explore career opportunities and access college readiness academic and application  support.  Stronger Consulting provides monthly guidance including organizational founding, by law creation, board development, executive coaching and program resources.  

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Program Consulting

Facing a growing middle school and high school population with no engagement activities, Strong Consulting worked with St. Bart’s Epsicopal to develop a comprehensive youth ministry program and to search and hire for a program coordinator. 

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Program Consulting

In response to COVID-19, Stronger Consulting developed, launched and trained staff on Scholar Unlimited--a traditional summer and after school program that had to be transformed to an online product.  From sourcing and purchasing a learning management system to redesigning a finished product to meet shifting district requirements, Strong Consulting developed curriculum, set up a parent helpline, trained teachers and provided tech support leading to a successful launch and execution. This innovative programmatic solution radically changed the clients product during an urgent and critically important time for children and teachers to access education in new ways.  

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Program Consulting

College Connect in an in-development app geared toward providing young people college counseling support.  Stronger Consulting provides organizational and leadership coaching on a monthly basis which has led to monetary awards for the ed tech product.  

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