How Do you Define Equity?

When school systems and nonprofits have a strong grasp on equity, it is easier to tell that story to funders and donors and find a clear match for the work foundations want to fund and the work organizations are equipped to do.  However, this work isn’t done overnight.  Stronger Consulting can be a trusted partner to jumpstart or reassess an organizations’ understanding of equity and analyze how it is lived both internally and externally.

Equity is a key principle for many mission-driven organizations but often leaders may be hesitant to take a deeper look at how equity is or isn’t truly embedded within their organization and not just a standalone part of the work.  Equity shouldn’t just be a buzzword but rather deeply felt and lived in all parts of your organization.  Understanding that equity doesn’t mean equal but rather provides the means and resources to meet individuals and groups where they are is an important place to start.

Even organizations that have been in existence for years can benefit from taking a moment to pause, reflect and take a broader view of the role equity plays in both the day-to-day work and the long-term goals and priorities.  Equitable practices should be felt from the way staff is hired, developed and retained to the way leaders tell their own journey with equity and how that translates into the mission and work of their organization.

Take the time to have a discussion with your team to understand and get clarity on where you are in this journey.  There’s no wrong place to be.  It’s okay to feel underprepared or unaware of where to start.  Curiosity is a great place to start, and that’s where Stronger Consulting can work with you through your immediate needs and create plans and actionable solutions for the future.

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