Case Study: Finding a Change-maker

Date: 2019
Partner: EL Education
Services: Search and Recruiting
Location: New York, NY

The Launch

At the outset of the search, we understood that the successful candidate would be an experienced change-maker with depth in the portfolio model of schools: a highly specific skill-set and candidate profile. Through the benefit of Stronger Consulting’s extensive network with entrepreneurial leaders in the education space, we launched a targeted nationwide search resulting in a competitive, high-caliber, diverse candidate pool.

The Engagement

Following an intake call with the Chief Curriculum Services Officer (the hiring manager) we:

  • Refined the job description
  • Articulated the experiences and competencies necessary for the role
  • Designed the position announcement and promotional materials
  • Managed the promotion and advertising
  • Managed candidate application submissions (185 candidates)
  • Developed the protocols for qualification, first and second interviews
  • Designed and administered the performance exercise
  • Managed scheduling of interviews
  • Conducted candidate qualification screening and interviews
  • Conducted interview debriefs
  • Submitted three finalists to the hiring manager.

The Result

The organization conducted the third and final round of candidate interviews as part of our streamlined collaborative process. Following all necessary due diligence, our client made an offer that was accepted by the leading candidate.

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