Building a Better Compensation Strategy: The Commit Partnership

Who is Commit Partnership?

Equality is one of the core challenges Stronger Consulting works with educational schools, organizations, and districts to improve. Commit Partnership’s dedication to inclusive education made them an ideal organization for us to work with.

Located in Dallas County, Commit is an organization dedicated to helping increase equality through improving the statistical distribution of economic opportunity. They do this primarily by improving the educational outcomes of students of all backgrounds within their county of operation. The goal is to use this educational success to help students achieve better-paying jobs.


Eliminating Ambiguity


Commit is and has always been a champion of fairness and equal opportunity. This is apparent in the work they do within the Dallas County education system, but it also applies to their internal affairs. 


They wanted to bring equality to their organization the same way they aim to bring equality to their community. To do so, they needed a strong, structured way to understand compensation. Without such an understanding, they were stuck guessing, leaving them unable to embody their ideals in the most effective way.


Equality in All Areas


Staying true to their values, Commit Partnership reached out to Stronger Consulting to better understand how they could bring equality into their compensation plan. They wanted to ensure their employee pay rewarded their hard work and dedication to the cause.


We were commissioned to conduct a benchmark study analyzing the pay rates of 64 data points from organizations similar to Commit in size, scope, and location. This study focused particularly on any statistical equalities within companies or positions. 


By gathering this information, we provided Commit with an objective, numbers-based understanding of the broader compensation landscape within their niche.


After gathering this data, we created a set of recommendations for Commit’s payment structure. By taking Commit’s unique values and organizational goals into account, we were able to create a structure that reflected their dedication to merit-based rewards and equality, ensuring this plan was both data-driven and values-based. These included suggestions on current salaries and right-sizing, helping the company structure itself for success. 


Building on this set of recommendations, we worked with the Executive team and created a wage matrix that would allow hiring managers to easily set starting salaries and determine fair bonuses and wage increases, bringing pragmatic and practical solutions to improving equity.


The Result

Commit Partnership has implemented the wage matrix we developed into their salary negotiations, giving them guidance as they move forward while keeping them true to their mission of merit-based rewards and fairness. This simplifies their hiring process while providing them a safeguard against any accidental oversights, helping them achieve both their operational and value-driven goals.


As they move into 2022, the organization plans to roll out a new compensation strategy. This strategy will incorporate the recommendations we provided, bringing a new level of equality and effectiveness to their operations.

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