Hiring Strategies for High-Level Education Teams








The success of your district or education nonprofit depends on the people you choose to work with. When you create an effective team filled with qualified educational professionals, you lay the foundation for incredible achievements.  The key to effective teams is locating qualified people and cultivating an environment that nourishes their individual talents.  When an organization achieves this, even the most ambitious goals are within reach. Easier said than done, right? 


While creating an effective team is very important, it’s not always an easy process. The true value of potential candidates can be difficult to assess. Certain attributes may not be as important as they appear at face value, or vice versa. Digital tools can be helpful, but you can also miss out on key opportunities if you rely entirely on algorithms to sort and rank your applicants. In addition, it can be tricky to figure out what exactly you should be looking for in potential team members. 


In this article, we’ll explore some actionable, relevant tips to help you assemble effective, high-functioning teams for your education nonprofit. Of course, this process becomes much easier when you rely on professionals. Reach out to Strong Consulting, and we can help you find the most qualified and skilled educational leaders for your team.  









What to Look For in Potential Team Members

Here are some general attributes to look out for when assessing candidates:


  • They exhibit a passion for education
  • They have strong communication skills
  • They place value on community-building
  • They empower those around them
  • They are familiar with educational data
  • They value collaboration
  • They value inclusivity
  • They value diversity
  • They are not afraid to take calculated risks
  • They have stayed with past education organizations for more than five years
  • They are lifelong learners
  • They can adapt to unforeseen challenges
  • They have experience in resource-constrained environments


Strategies for Narrowing Down the Options

When you narrow down your candidates effectively, you’re left with only the best potential team members. When it comes to this aspect of your recruitment process, you can really “think outside of the box.” For example, you can embed a hidden message in a long job listing. Only the candidates who fully read the listing will spot it and respond accordingly. 


You can also take a look at their social media accounts. Even the formatting of their resumes can tell you a lot about how they organize their thoughts. Many nonprofits place enormous value on referrals rather than degrees or qualifications. Talk to people who have worked with these candidates in the past. What do they say? Before you schedule interviews, you may want to screen your applicants by talking to them on the phone. This will give you a sense of their personality before you proceed. 







Digital Tools for Recruiting Your Team Members

Nonprofits also have access to a wide range of digital recruitment tools, including:

  • Online surveys
  • AI screening
  • Recruitment chatbots
  • Targeted job ads
  • Social media search tools
  • Online employee referral systems
  • Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)


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